Emerson Clubs

Emerson clubs are driven by students’ interest and vary year to year.   Students can create their own clubs.  This year, students chose Yearbook Club, Student Council, Business Club,  Anime Club, Games Club, and ACLU Club.  

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Games CLub

The Games Club is open to any student interested in strategy, competition, and problem solving.

The purpose of the Games Club is to create a community that uses games to inspire creativity and problem solving while competing and working together.

ANime club

The Anime Club is open to any student interested in Japanese animation, Cosplay, and Anime Conventions.

The purpose of the Anime Club is to provide a setting for students to come together in a social setting to enjoy discussing and viewing Japanese animation.


Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club is open to any student interested in graphic design, photography, and problem-solving.

The purpose of the Yearbook Club is to strengthen creative and artistic talents while working on the layout of the yearbook.


Student council Club

The Student Council is open to any student interested in playing an active role in shaping the Emerson community. 

The purpose of the Student Council to promote the concept of student leadership, to provide a forum for student participation in the operations of Emerson, to foster school spirit, and to represent Emerson student concerns with faculty, administration, caregivers, and the community at large.

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The ACLU Club is open to any student interested in individual rights and liberties.

The purpose of the ACLU Club is to inspire non-partisan political awareness, political participation and political discourse for a new generation.

Debate Club

The Emerson Debating Society is open to any student interested in developing a sense of group identity and current events through intensive argumentation.

The purpose of the Debate Club is to foster innovative ways of thinking about problems and issues while developing a sense of camaraderie built on experience, collaborative work, and an infusion of fun. Debaters compete in the Metropolitan DC Speech and Debate League on Saturdays once a month. Debaters participate in public forum debate and world schools debate.