College Counseling    

Andrea Reinhart 

Andrea Reinhart 

Our college counselor works closely with students and parents throughout the college search process to find the best-fitting colleges and programs where the students will be happy, challenged and prepared for success. While the counselor offers as much assistance as students require, students are strongly expected to recognize individual responsibilities in completing their applications and making the final decision.

The Process


The college selection process typically starts during second semester of junior year. The counselor will meet with the class to introduce the college search process.  Individual meetings with students take place throughout the second semester of junior year, at the end of the summer, and throughout the first semester of senior year.  Additionally, English teachers, in conjunction with college counselor, will help students develop essay-writing and interviewing skills.  


Family Meetings

In addition to student meetings, college counseling schedules appointments with families to discuss the college application process, college matching, financial aid options, decision letters, visiting colleges, internships, community service and a host of related topics. Families should schedule appointments through . Students should be present at family meetings. The school will inform students and parents of college visits and deadlines through email and Gradelink calendar updates.


Scheduled College Visits

College representatives visit Emerson during the Fall term to meet with students who demonstrate specific interest. Student’s or counselor will typically identify a match between the student’s profile and the college’s accepted students profile. All students are welcome. Please see the calendar and newsletter for an updated schedule. Calendars are also posted throughout the school.


standardized testing 

The PSAT exam (required of all juniors) is considered practice for the SAT. The PSAT is administered in the Fall by Emerson. The AP exam is administered by the school based on interest. The SAT, ACT, and TOEFL are all administered by outside organizations. Emerson offers after-school tutoring for most standardized exams. 






For Transcript Release guidelines and forms please email the main office with questions. Unofficial transcripts are given to families and students for review purposes only. Emerson does not combine transcripts for transfer students. Please be sure Emerson has on file official transcripts from all previously attended high schools. Occasionally, at the request of colleges and universities, families are responsible for providing official transcripts during the college application process as Emerson can furnish only unofficial documents from other high school institutions.

 Students who have graduated Emerson 1+ school year ago must provide stamped, addressed envelopes for transcripts or submit a processing fee.


Additional Guidance Resources

CTCL: Colleges that Change Lives includes a list of small to medium-sized liberal arts colleges throughout the Unites States as recommended by author Loren Pope, an education journalist. CTCL has philosophies about education and student well-being that are consistent with Emerson philosophies.

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

College Board: College Board provides online access to college search engines, financial aid information, testing registration (SAT) and information as well as tips and facts related to the college application process.

Common App: The Common Application hosts a thousand colleges and universities across the Unites States so that students have one universal location to apply to schools.

Common Black College App: The Common Black College App hosts 53 of the country’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for one low fee = $35.