In Their Own Words...

“At Emerson, we want all our students to know that being different is an asset and not a liability. As the Oscar-winning writer Graham Moore puts it, ‘Stay weird; stay different.’ We want Emerson to be the place where you feel like you belong.”

 –John Glick, former Emerson Board Member

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What Emerson students say about Emerson:

What do you like about Emerson?

“I like how Emerson actually cares about education and wants to see you graduate & go on to great things”

“You are able to be yourself here”

“The music class”

“The people, how the teachers are so cool, the diversity”

“Art classes are helpful for stress relief”

“Closeness between students and teachers”

“I like the small classes and the creativity of topics within the classes”

How is Emerson different from your previous school?

“I feel a lot happier here. The administration/staff is much kinder and all the students are very kind. The teachers are eager to make sure you are on the right track. I find myself missing Emerson if there is a week of vacation!”

“I am free! I can express myself fully without being judged on it. I feel comfortable & have friends”

“Smaller, weirder in a good way, more comfortable environment”

“You are responsible for what you do”

“I actually learn stuff here”

“It has a more in-depth course curriculum. The staff are far more friendly with students”

“It is based more on lectures than worksheets. It focuses a lot more on the students than the class”

How has Emerson helped you?

“Emerson has helped me grow and become a stronger and healthier person. I am very thankful for the staff of the school”

“Building tolerance and flexibility skills for difficult-to-deal-with situations”

“I feel more open and less stressed, making me a better person to be around”

“I have become more outspoken. Feel safe in my environment”

“It taught me to be myself and ask for help”

“Discussion based 90 min classes are better for me. I am able to talk to staff and teachers like they are real people”