Student Services

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While Emerson Prep is not a special-education school, our inclusive philosophy, small class sizes, smaller course load and our commitment to each student make the Emerson experience a good fit for many types of learners.

We have a full-time licensed professional school counselor who is an integral part of the admissions process and the college counseling to ensure that each students’ unique needs are met from the day of admission to college placement.

Our Information Literacy/Resource skills course, after-school tutoring programs, and individually-paced one-on-one courses are all a part of the services to help each student's path toward college.  

Among various school accommodations, we provide:

  • Extra time on tests
  • Use of a computer or tablet for writing in-class essays and assignments
  • Preferential seating
  • Frequent (but responsibly managed) breaks
  • Use of a private room for testing or work

*We do not require professional evaluation of students for admissions process, however we do recommend that the family forward the evaluation, if it is available.