Tuition & Fees 2018 - 2019


Base Tuition 

Full Time (3 or 4 subjects)

Part Time (1 or 2 subjects)

$ 29,000.00 per year

$ 24,000.00 per year

Part time study is only available under special circumstances.  Most students, including students who have satisfied the minimum graduation requirements, are expected to attend full time.

Mid-year students/December Graduates: Students who either start mid-year and are enrolled for a single semester or students who graduate mid-year and are enrolled for a single semester pay for a single semester.


Individual Credit Course 

For an additional fee, the school may also arrange one-on-one individually-paced courses during the academic year or summer term in order to enable students to earn required credits for graduation.  The minimum hours required for receiving a full credit is 60 hours. This can be arranged at school or at the student’s home depending on the instructor’s availability.  


Additional Fees

Application Fee

Graduation Fee (includes yearbook) 

Private Tutoring (per hour)


Field trip, lab fee

$  75.00

$ 350.00

$ 65.00 /hour

Emerson provides the textbooks for students except for some classes that may require students to own their own books

Other incidental fees may be charged on student account


Transcript Fee

To order transcripts, please send an email to our Registrar at with a written request after paying $20.00 per copy.  Pay Here


Financial Aid


Emerson offers limited financial aid and merit based scholarship.   View financial aid policy here. 

Please do not wait until a student is admitted to apply for financial aid as financial aid awards are allocated prior to the start of the Fall semester and at the earlier part of the application cycle.  Mid-year transfer students may apply for financial aid for the following academic year.

Emerson uses the School and Student Services (SSS by NAIS), through the National Association of Independent Schools, to determine an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). The resulting EFC does not constitute a proposal or commitment to offer a particular amount of financial aid. Other considerations, such as the amount of financial aid budgeted, the needs and profiles of other applicants, financial aid policies specific to Emerson, and the priorities of the school’s leadership, figure prominently in any financial aid offer.

Families interested in receiving financial aid should go to the School and Student Services (SSS by NAIS), to fill out the financial aid application and to obtain directions for submitting supporting documentation. The required documentation consists of tax returns with all attached schedules, and W2s, for the previous tax year. Tax returns and W2s should be provided for all responsible parties within a household(s) regardless of marital status or cohabitation.

All questions should be directed to:  |  800.344.8328

All financial aid awards are reviewed annually and may be subject to change. To remain eligible for the upcoming school year, families are expected to update their records in SSS and turn in all required documentation prior to the first day of April. Students are expected to maintain satisfactory attendance, academic performance, and conduct, for the continuation of any financial aid arrangement.